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My name is Alexandra Santana, founder of I Know My Worth LLC – specifically tailored for your professional and career development. For over a decade, I’ve climbed my way up the corporate ladder, focused on implementing print, digital and integration projects successfully.  In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to manage not only great employees, but great people!


This is why I’m taking it to the next level.  With all that I’ve learned, (and continue to learn), I’m placing into action with YOU!  I Know My Worth Coaching is all about you – from building your self-esteem on a personal level to gaining confidence in speaking publicly.

I’M HERE TO BREAK BARRIERS – your neighborhood confidant.  I give you the tools necessary to break through your insecurities to understand and LOVE your worth.  This is a judgement free space, and I’m here to listen to your needs.  We’ll work up a plan together – whether it’s a single service or multiple workshops.

Let’s chat! 😊

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